My tours vary according to one's interest, but the main itineraries were designed to show the must-see & the worth-while in a down-to-earth fashion. For first-timers, they are a perfect choice: both Pest and Buda take half a day respectively, the full day tour of Budapest includes major sights on both sides. Special tours [museums, architecture & such] are available but need to be arranged in advance, and so are excursions to the countryside or transfers outside the country. The detailed price list here can help you calculate the approximate cost for each activity.

Pest is the urban side of the city with most of its attractions scattered along the riverbank,the spacious boulevards & avenues and the sprawling City Park. Our walk takes us though Pest's colourful districts with multitudes of sights,stories & culinary delights to be discovered.

Upon meeting [and possibly purchasing some public transportation pass together] we will start our orinetation by discovering the Budapest metro system and while doing so we will ride one of the oldest subways in the world.

Heroes square, our first stop is a magnificent square with some Hungarian history dispalyed in its colonnades; the City Park behind it is a living testimony to Hungary's greatness at the end of the 19th century. By the end of our stay there you will know what 1896 means to a Hungarian!

From the outskirts of historic Pest we will work our way back to the downtown via Andrassy Avenue. This beloved, Hungarian Champs Élysées is lined by numerous cafes, the Opera House and the House of Terror among some of Budapest's best architecture.

Saint Stephen's Basilica sits at the edge of the financial center of the city. The short walk through the area offers a glimps at religious life in Hungary, banking and renting, and all things contemporary [including a healthy dose of politics if you are interested]. After a walk around the Parliament we take a tram-ride along the Danube to arrive at the Market Hall just in time for lunch or some last minute shopping.

Recommended afternoon activities: pay a visit to the Great Synagogue in Pest's traditional jewish district, marvel at the some of Budapest finest interiors at the Parliament or the Opera House, enjoy the hot water at Szechenyi Baths in the City Park. Evening entertainment at the Opera or the Palace of Arts can be unbeatable.


Buda is historic, Buda is hilly, Buda is everything that Pest is not. Tour the Buda side for the Castle's compelling history, travel along the embankment for a view of Pest and climb Gellert Hill for the best views of the city.

The Buda tour starts wherever you want to be picked up. Public transport will take us up to the Castle, where we will spend most of our half day touring time. Gellert hill is an add-on, if you are up to it.

Buda's castle sits atop a limestone plato, which stretches in a north-south direction along the western bank of the river Danube. The castle was home to Hungary's one-time premiers: Hungarian kings, Turkish pashas, Hapsburg emperors and whoever passed through Hungary in the country's 1100 years of existence.

The royal palace is only a shadow of what it had been, but it still displays many layers of history that piled up here throughout the centuries. Terraces, courtyards and a walkable rampart connect to one another to make a visit worthwhile in these parts.

Next to the palace, slightly uphill from the President's seat, a handfull of streets fan out from Disz ter towards the north. Medieval houses, the Church of Matyas and Fishermen's Bastion are the highlights in this small, but interesting area.

Gellert hill is a possible [and obvious] choice for those who plan to explore Buda beyond the Castle District. A great place to hike, Gellert hill is ideal to take time off from serious sightseeing, but enjoy a 360 degree panorama of a city of nearly two million people.

Recommended for the afternoon: Hungarian National Gallery, Hospital in the Rock, a stroll through the watertown.

Budapest is big, I mean BIG. Ideally you would want to spend two full days here, filling up the mornings with exploring Pest and Buda on two separate days. BUT, if you are in a hurry or prefer doing things at a faster pace, Budapest is doable in a single day. The tour of Budapest therefore consist of a full tour of Pest and a visit to the Buda Castle in what is left of our time together. Gellert hill normally does not fit in the full day tour, unless you specifically ask for it and we can save the time along the way. For details on what is included, please read through the itineraries above.
Besides offering tours in Budapest, there is a variety of ways I can assist you with while you are in Hungary. The capital, of course, will be your top spot to explore, but an excursion to the countryside can be a rewarding experience, especially if you have a preference for smaller towns, hills, wine and hundred-percent, home-grown Hungarians. Should you plan to research your ancestry, I can drive to your destination, interpret and translate and help communicate with locals [maybe open up a church or two along the way...] For other activities, well... it is up to you to decide what you want to do with our time together. Just let me know in advance! Thanks, Peter.
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