The prices below relate to guiding, interpreting and transportation services provided by Peter Polczman in Budapest and/or within the country of Hungary. BUDAPESTYOURSELF.COM is updated regularly, but prices might change without further notice, therefore it is advisable to check before signing up for any tour. Prices are listed in Euros [EUR] and relate to Peter's tours only. The prices listed here cover the most popular itineraries, for tailor-made tours or individual itineraries, please ask for a special quotation.
Guiding & interpreting*
For individuals & small parties [max 7 people]:
Half day [4 hour**] fee: 90 EUR***
Full day [8 hour**] fee: 150 EUR***
For tour groups [above 7 people]:
Half day [4 hours**] for groups: 125 EUR***
Full day [8 hours**] for groups: 190 EUR***
* interpreting covers translation to help communicate with locals when you are researching your family tree or visiting relatives. Interpretation at conferences or meetings of special interest are excluded.
** guiding time is flexible, but should not exceed the 4 or 8 hours by an extra half hour. Naturally, breaks [lunch, coffee] can be requested, but the time counts towards the half/full day touring time.
*** guiding fee covers professional guiding, but does not include transportation, or entry to museums & sights. Tours are more efficient with public transportation, therefore it is recommended that you purchase tickets, a day pass or a Budapest Card for the duration of the tour. Tours normally do not include sights where there is an entrance fee, with the exception of the Buda tour [optional ticket to Matyas church] and some excursions. Guiding fee does not include guide's tip.
Note: before renting any private vehicle, please consider the fact that traffic in Budapest can be dense, therefore inconvenient when touring. Public transportation passes offer a cheap alternative with great flexibility and a tremendous amount of fun! In Budapest cars should be a last resort only. [For excursions, I do recommend them, though].
For individuals, couples [max 3 people]:
Peter's car: 30 EUR / hour**
Car with driver: 35 EUR / hour
For small parties [max 7 peopel]:
Mini van: 40 EUR / hour
For tour groups [max 50 people]:
Coach: 50 EUR / hour
* Minimum rent is 4 hours, additional hours are charged when exceeding minimum rent. Distance in town is unlimited, for other itineraries, please ask for a quotation. All vehicles are non-smoking and come with a professional driver. Parking is not included in price, but driver's tip is.
** Peter's car [Hyundai i30, A/C, non smoking] comes with Peter as your driver/guide/interpreter.
Please send your requests via email [see address below]. I do not need credit card details or a deposit to lock you in, once you have my confirmation, you have my word. When signing up, please do not forget to attach your hotel's name/address and a phone number where I can reach you [only in emergency]. That's it, folks!
Tour prices are calculated in EUR, but payment can be done in EUR and/or USD and/or HUF [Hungarian forint]. Amount in USD or HUF depends on the daily conversion rate. No credit cards, please. Tip is not included.
Email: peter at | Phone: 00 36 209 260 557