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Welcome to BUDAPESTYOURSELF.COM, here is your ticket to ride! Budapest is a splendid city: metropolitan & old-world-like, busy to be part of Europe, yet strangely nostalgic about the Hapsburgs or the "Good, oul' days" when it was the pride and joyof Gulash-communist Hungary. Baths, coffee houses, ruin pubs — Budapest has them all! Join me & discover, budapest yourself with Peter Polczman...

It is good to be home where you know your way around, why not enjoy the same "luxury" here? I have been guiding for 15 years putting people in touch with the Budapest they really wanted to see. A guide can make or break a trip, so be smart. Do not blow through a lot of money, hire a local to teach you the basics and you can sort out the rest. That is travel at its best.

For candid, uncensored opinion on my services, please check Rick Steves' website at I have known Rick for almost a decade and was his personal guide in Hungary a number of times. I am listed [as an exceptional guide] in his Eastern Europe & Budapest books, recorded radio shows with him and I have guided Rick Steves' tours in Eastern Europe tours for 5 years now.

BUDAPESTYOURSELF.COM, a jumping board for prospective Budapest visitors, helps you prepare not only by describing tours, but also by offering relevant background info, showing you how to stretch your dollars and, if you are ready to book, give you all the info you need! If you are in the planning phase, click here. For a description of the tours click here. If money is your first concern, you can navigate to the price list and see details for the booking process & payment options there. Otherwise...
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